Is my purchase tax deductible?

Yes! When you buy a need that money goes directly to the nonprofit partner who represents that individual as a client. If you buy a need that the Office of Community Wealth Building represents, that money goes through The Enrichmond Foundation – a local nonprofit and the fiscal sponsor of both the Office of Community Wealth Building and The Giving Wall for all operating fund donations. So no matter what you buy or donate - it runs through a nonprofit and has the potential to be tax deductible.

Can I (or others) submit a request for a need to be posted on The Giving Wall?

We only post and promote needs that are vetted and approved by one of our nonprofit or City of Richmond partners. Please contact St. Joseph’s Villa, the IRC, the Office of Community Wealth Building, or Sacred Heart Center to see how you can become a client - or refer a client. here if you or someone you know would like a need posted on The Giving Wall.

Is this website only for the needs of community members within the Greater Richmond Region?


I work for a nonprofit and we get requests to fulfill needs that align with The Giving Wall’s mission of providing progress — needs we cannot fulfill. Can we share them with you to be posted on this site?

Yup! Just as all other needs on our site, they have to come from our nonprofit or City of Richmond partners. Most partners have created a fast-track program for your client to quickly become a client of theirs so their need can go on The Giving Wall. Email with questions.

I’d like to stay in-the-know about the person I supported. Will you be following up with all who give, sharing with them how they (or their family) are doing?

Great idea! We’re working on this. It’s our great hope that we can do exactly what you’re requesting — but we have to be sensitive to people’s privacy. If we can make it happen, we most certainly will.

Does all of my money go to the purchase of the need of my community member?

No, but close. There is a 2.2% nonprofit transaction fee charged by Stripe, our payment provider, and a 4% operating fee given to The Giving Wall so that we can stay up and running. The rest of your investment goes directly to our nonprofit or City partner to meet their client’s need. The partner does not use any of that investment for anything other than the purchase of the need.

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