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In the City of Richmond nearly 57,000 men, women, and children live in poverty – a shocking 25.4% of our community.  Below are their stories of grit and determination as they work to move from crisis into thriving, and the urgent needs that will hold them back, if not met. Each need below either supports access to employment, satisfies unexpected expenses, or supports the needs of children in the household.

Read the stories. Select the one that calls to you. And give the gift of progress to a hardworking member of our community who needs a hand up at a critical time in their life.

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Richmond      Believer     Groceries     07/18/2020

Partner: St. Joseph's Villa   Advisor: Drew Melson

Lillian has been in and out of hospitalization for mental health over the past year, making it difficult to maintain employment. She is currently experiencing homelessness as a result, and has no family to turn to for help. She recently found a part-time job and is trying her best to get back on her feet. Assistance with groceries would help provide stability for Lillian while she’s on the waiting list for an income-based apartment.

Support Lillian now for $269.41


Richmond      Believer     Career training     07/20/2020

Partner: Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building   Advisor: Chaya Braxton

Help with Career Training. Myoshi is determined to become a personal care assistant, and hopes to attend a private school for two weeks to obtain her PCA certification. Myoshi wants to attend in person, because she does not yet have any computer skills to attend the online courses offered by many PCA programs. Your support will help Myoshi reserve her spot in the class, and take the next step in her professional journey.

Support Myoshi now for $139.10


East End      Senior Citizen     Household Essentials     07/27/2020

Partner: Peter Paul Development Center   Advisor: Sherika Chew

Edna is a senior citizen and valued member of our community, in need of assistance catching up on her household utilities. She spends most of her days helping her neighbors who are older but not as able-bodied as she is, being community for those who feel isolated and alone. Her ability to be this for others, she says, is due to her rich connections and social interactions at Peter Paul. Despite her financial challenges, she is always smiling. This assistance will relieve significant stress, and allow her to continue being a bright light on the East End.

Support Edna now for $228.80


Richmond      Believer     Auto Repair     07/10/2020

Partner: Peter Paul Development Center   Advisor: Sherika Chew

Deshon's need was fulfilled for $223.60!

Deshon is need of assistance repairing his car. This is his only mode of transportation since he does not work on the bus line. He does not have a huge support system since he is away from his parents currently and moved here to Richmond for school. He loves his job and sees a bright future there. He is doing the best he can to keep his car maintained so that he can keep his job and continue to support himself without adding any more burden to his parents.

Support Deshon now for $223.60


West End      Single Mother     Household Essentials     07/09/2020

Partner: IRC   Advisor: Sharon Singer

Jannah's need was fulfilled for $260!

Jannah escaped a horrifically abusive marriage. She is strong and determined to make it on her own while caring for her four young children, aged 14 to 4 1/2. With gifts from her faith community, she received most of what is needed to furnish a house, but needs a few more essentials to start life over on her own. The IRC is helping Jannah look for work and childcare. Both have been a challenge due to COVID, but Jannah's persistence and motivation will see her through.

Support Jannah now for $260


East End      Single Mother     Small debt & fees     07/08/2020

Partner: Peter Paul Development Center   Advisor: Sherika Chew

Crystal's need was fulfilled for $256.88!

Crystal a single mother of 3 beautiful boys and is in need of assistance covering her utilities this month. She has been working diligently with community agencies to take the necessary steps to move out of public housing and cover all the expenses that are associated with that. This and other implications as a result of Covid have put quite a strain on her budget. Any help she receives toward covering these utilities will make all the difference in helping her to stay on track toward her goals.

Support Crystal now for $256.88


Northside      Refugee     Household Essentials     07/06/2020

Partner: IRC   Advisor: Sharon Singer

Asmaan's need was fulfilled for $260!

Asmaan and her husband arrived in Richmond from Afghanistan less than a year ago, when she was just 20 years old. The young couple was brought to safety thanks to the Special Immigrant Visa program, meaning their lives were at risk at home because of his work for the U.S. government. He studied IT for two years at home and would like to continue his education, but upon arrival to Richmond took a full-time job that would help cover rent and bills. Asmaan has dreams of becoming a nurse, but also took an entry-level job when she first arrived in Richmond. She had to resign from the food-service job when standing on her feet for many hours became painful due to her pregnancy. Having only one income has put a strain on the couple's finances. They could use a little help getting ready for the arrival of their first baby. They were given a crib, but need all the supplies like crib sheets, a stroller, a newborn bathtub, clothing, and diapers.

Support Asmaan now for $260


Richmond      Homeless     Unique & urgent     07/06/2020

Partner: Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building   Advisor: Chaya Braxton

Marell's need was fulfilled for $270.40!

Help with Rent. Marell is a senior who is enrolled in one of our career stations. He needs is in need of rent assistance. Marell lives in federally subsidized housing. He missed his appointment for recertification because he was sick in the hospital. Now, he is being charged the market rate for rent. If Marell is not able to reconcile his balance, he will be facing eviction. He urgently needs help until he is able to get another appointment for recertification.

Support Marell now for $270.40


Richmond      Senior Citizen     Household Essentials     07/06/2020

Partner: St. Joseph's Villa   Advisor: Drew Melson

Alonzo's need was fulfilled for $161.77!

Alonzo is a senior citizen who was recently housed after experiencing homelessness for more than 10 years. He is sharing his new apartment and is need of a mini-refrigerator to store his personal groceries, which he takes great pride in providing himself. In past living situations, Alonzo has dealt with food being taken from him. He believes that this last item will help him on his path to independence as he seeks to maintain his home and reunite with his family.

Support Alonzo now for $161.77


Richmond      Single Mother     Household Essentials     07/06/2020

Partner: St. Joseph's Villa   Advisor: Drew Melson

Jada's need was fulfilled for $269.41!

Jada is a single mother of 3 boys who has managed ups and downs in employment during the COVID-19 crisis. She was recently brought back to her retail job at $8 an hour after being laid off. Her schedule is unpredictable, making it very difficult to budget to weekly expenses. She’s doing her best to save for an air conditioner to help with her son’s asthma, which worsens with the summer heat. Assistance with groceries and the air conditioning unit would greatly help Jada through this period of instability.

Support Jada now for $269.41


West End      Refugee     Work clothing & equipment     07/03/2020

Partner: IRC   Advisor: Sharon Singer

Zafar's need was fulfilled for $166.40!

Zafar has been in the United States since March. He was extremely motivated to find a job right away in order to support his family, but COVID made the job-search process challenging. IRC employment specialists secured him a position in a local food processing plant. The job requires steel-toed boots. The factory is in a remote location, inaccessible by public transportation. Thankfully there is a vanpool, but there is a weekly fee. Your donation will help Zafar with the cost of his safety boots, a month of vanpool fees, and a backpack and insulated lunch bag for the long commute.

Support Zafar now for $166.40


Richmond      Homeless     Household Essentials     06/26/2020

Partner: Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building   Advisor: Chaya Braxton

Gwen's need was fulfilled for $185.33!

Help with Furniture. Gwen was homeless up until a month ago. As she transitions into her own place for the first time in over ten years, she will have to start from scratch. Caritas is willing to provide her with all the essentials and furniture she needs to move. All Gwen has to do is pay the process and delivery fee. This is a new beginning for Gwen and she is extremely excited about her new start.

Support Gwen now for $185.33


Richmond      Single Mother     Groceries     06/22/2020

Partner: St. Joseph's Villa   Advisor: Drew Melson

Alicia's need was fulfilled for $269.41!

Help with Groceries and Clothing. Alicia received full custody of her child after experiencing domestic abuse. Her child has autism and severe anxiety. She is currently staying at home out of concern for her child’s safety and is unable to work. Assistance with groceries and clothing for her child would help Alicia through this rough patch as she works with the Villa’s Community Based Services.

Support Alicia now for $269.41


Richmond      Single Mother     Groceries     06/22/2020

Partner: St. Joseph's Villa   Advisor: Drew Melson

Monique's need was fulfilled for $269.41!

Help with Groceries. Monique is a single mom whose son has autism. She is hoping to move to a safer apartment community where her son can play outside, but is currently having a hard time making ends meet after her hours were reduced. Assistance with groceries will help Monique save to provide a more healthy environment for raising her son.

Support Monique now for $269.41

Freddie Perkins

Richmond      Believer     Groceries     06/22/2020

Partner: Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building   Advisor: Chaya Braxton

Freddie Perkins' need was fulfilled for $214.86!

Help with Groceries. Freddie is an enrolled participant in OCWB's Workforce Program. He has just finished barbering school. As he was about to begin his apprenticeship. Freddie also lost his dad due to COVID-19. With unexpected expenses associated with burying his father Freddie is need of food for his household. This type of assistance will make a big difference for Freddie during this time.

Support Freddie Perkins now for $214.86


Richmond      Single Mother     Unique & urgent     06/22/2020

Partner: Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building   Advisor: Chaya Braxton

Shawonna's need was fulfilled for $267.28!

Help with Groceries. Shawonna is employed part-time. She is a single mother of three growing girls. With everyone home from school, she finds herself in serious need of groceries, Since the pandemic. Shawonna and her family truly has been impacted by COVID-19. This type of assistance will make a difference.

Support Shawonna now for $267.28


East End      Single Mother     Small debt & fees     06/21/2020

Partner: Peter Paul Development Center   Advisor: Sherika Chew

Felicia's need was fulfilled for $265.72!

Felicia needs assistance paying DMV and Court fees that have been charged as a result of a car accident so she can reinstate her license. Fleicia is a single mother of four and works as a PCA assistant. Driving is essential for her because her agency sends her to several elderly clients homes per week on different sides of town. She also has to make sure she is able to get her children to childcare before she is even able to accept any of these jobs. Having to depend on others to transport her and her family where they need to be has presented a huge financial burden for her. Help with clearing these fines will get her back to working regularly and her budget back on track.

Support Felicia now for $265.72

Felicia Dixon

Southside      Believer     Transportation     06/19/2020

Partner: Peter Paul Development Center   Advisor: Sherika Chew

Felicia Dixon's need was fulfilled for $159.43!

Felicia needs help with transportation costs of getting back and forth to doctors' appointment since her recent surgery. Felicia is a Personal Care Assistant and mother of 3. She is temporarily unable to work because she is recovering from surgery and has to visit the doctor several times a week. Her job does not provide medical leave so her budget is being dramatically impacted. She needs a little assistance to get through this rough patch until she can get back to the work she loves.

Support Felicia Dixon now for $159.43

Micah & Jacob

Richmond      Believer     Household Essentials     06/19/2020

Partner: St. Joseph's Villa   Advisor: Drew Melson

Micah & Jacob's need was fulfilled for $269.41!

Help with bedding and household items. Micah and Jacob are best friends who look out for each other, and have been in and out of homelessness together for 10 years. One has medical issues due to years of living on the street. Now that they have found an affordable apartment to share through the Villa’s housing and homeless services, they plan on finding employment to maintain their new home. They moved in with nothing, and are in need of household essentials such as bedding and kitchenware to assist their transition as they search for job opportunities.

Support Micah & Jacob now for $269.41


Richmond      Single Mother     Groceries     06/11/2020

Partner: Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building   Advisor: Chaya Braxton

Wanda's need was fulfilled for $208!

Help with Groceries. Wanda is an enrolled participant in the Office of Community Wealth Building's Workforce Program. Currently, she is trying to continue her studies and study for her certification in medical coding. Wanda is experiencing some unexpected expenses. She was expecting to secure employment by now, but has found the job search process challenging because of this period of social distancing. Wanda is asking for assistance with groceries for herself and her family.

Support Wanda now for $208

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