About the needs

Every need on The Giving Wall has been vetted, approved, and posted by an Advisor who works for one of our several partner organizations and has a client in struggle.

These advisors are remarkable champions of their clients, with whom they have close relationships -- often feeling more like family. They are coaches, guides, and mentors for their clients as they move from crisis to thriving. And as trusted confidants, they know the struggles their clients face.

How do we know a need is right for The Giving Wall?

Each advisor uses a simple decision tree to approve a need for The Giving Wall.

  1. the need cannot be met by other local organizations as quickly as it's needed—or at all

  2. the need is $250 or less

  3. the need is a barrier to financial progress

  4. the need can be met by our partner organization without Neighbor (their client) intervention


Once the need is purchased by a Supporter, Advisors are alerted, and they share the wonderful news with their client. Our partners don’t ship needs to home addresses, and they don’t give the money directly to their clients in need. With The Giving Wall funds, they purchase the good or service, hold it at their office for pickup, or in the case of a service (like dental work), they pay the provider directly.

Your investment in Community

All of the products and services purchased to fulfill a posted need go directly to the humans fighting to get out of crisis.

The Giving Wall adds an additional 4% onto each transaction to help fund our work.

We don’t believe in fighting other nonprofits for funds they critically need when we have a path toward financial resilience through our generous community of Supporters who believe in us.

How are the needs met?

  1. A Client tells an Advisor of a need

  2. The Advisor posts that need to The Giving Wall

  3. A Supporter meets the need

  4. The need is purchased by the Advisor and held for pickup by the Client

  5. The Supporter receives a receipt from The Giving Wall partner organization

  6. —and shares The Giving Wall with friends and family


And just like that…

Needs are met
Humans are helped
And community is strengthened

Advisor Approval

Our nonprofit and municipal partner organizations all must have a team of advisors who can vet, approve, and post the needs of their clients. This is how, at The Giving Wall, we make certain we are integrating into a heartfelt, helpful system of care.

Career advisors, success coaches, caseworkers – they go by many names, but all have one trait in common: they’re tough nurturers who will stop at nothing to support their clients.

Unknown and unnoticed by the public, these Advisors make up a hidden army of compassionate warriors who work long days and weekends, who pickup phone calls in the middle of the night, who shuttle and share, and who connect people to people and people to programs -- all to help humans make progress.

One of our primary missions is to shamelessly celebrate them.

We actively flaunt their good work and their good hearts, to give them the attention they deserve--and the kind they’d never ask for.

Part of a Giving Wall mural showing the word Progress
Two of our advisors at The Giving Wall


Get to know The Giving Wall's Neighbors in need, Advisors, and Supporters who are championing change through compassionate connection.

Shaola - Neighbor in need

length: 4:18

Karen - Neighbor in need

length: 2:26