Your investment in Community

All of the products and services purchased to fulfill a posted need go directly to the humans fighting to get out of crisis.

The Giving Wall keeps 4% on each transaction to help fund our work. 

We don’t believe in fighting other nonprofits for funds they critically need when we have a path toward financial resilience through our generous community of Supporters who believe in us.

Operational Fund

Often a tank of gas, a past due bill, or groceries can get someone on the path toward thriving. The Giving Wall helps make that possible.

If you would like to be a part of our mission, please consider giving to our Operating Fund.

How Needs are Met

Client tells Advisor of a need. Advisors posts that need. Supporter meets the need through our third party payment platform Stripe.

The 4% goes to support operational expenses like technologists, accountants, graphic design, hosting fees, legal fees, and more. (Essentially — the 4% keeps us up and running!)

The need is then purchased by the Advisor, and held for pickup or delivered to the Believer. The supporter receives a receipt to hang on to for tax time – and shares their good experience with everyone on all of their social mediums. ;)  

And just like that…

Needs are met
Humans are helped
And Community is found 

Advisor approval

Career advisors, success coaches, caseworkers – they go by many names, but all have one trait in common: they’re tough nurturers who will stop at nothing to support their clients.

Unknown and unnoticed by the public, these Advisors make up a hidden army of compassionate warriors who work long days and weekends, who pickup phone calls in the middle of the night, who shuttle and share, and who connect people to people and people to programs -- all to help humans make progress.

One of our primary missions is to shamelessly celebrate them. 

We actively flaunt their good work and their good hearts, to give them the attention they deserve--and the kind they’d never ask for.

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