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give differently.
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Give progress by purchasing a unique and urgent need of a person or family living beneath the poverty line.

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Why You're Needed

At a moment's notice a person's life can dramatically change.

It could be because of immobility instigated by a car repair they can't afford, a sick child who needs medical care that pulls resources from the household, or the inability to pay for the certification needed to take a new (better paying) job. Too often needs like these entrap smart, hardworking people in a cycle of poverty – without a clear way out. In fact, Richmond is one of the lowest ranked cites in the nation for individual economic progress. The Giving Wall is the location where these needs, and the stories behind them, are posted and shared so that you can #giveprogress.

Who We Serve

We serve every single person in our community by connecting brave Believers to selfless Supporters.

At The Giving Wall we believe that words matter, and talk should not be cheap. How we ‘label’ others or ourselves can hurt, or it can help. The Giving Wall seeks to not only help by shining a light on hard-to-find critical needs in our community, but also by changing the way we see and know one another through generous, helpful labels, and through story. That’s why we consistently use two positively powerful labels to identity those who visit The Giving Wall.

Believer (noun) the person who believes that the kindness of others coupled with their own hard work will pull them out of poverty.

Supporter (noun) the person who provides progress to members of our community through their contribution of time and money on The Giving Wall.

The Process Behind Progress

We believe it is critical that each need posted on The Giving Wall is reviewed and approved by a caseworker or career advisor who is in close contact with the Believer. Here's how we do it...

Support Progress in Three Steps

The Giving Wall was designed for both speed and impact. Support a hardworking member of our community living in poverty (a 'believer') in three powerful steps.


Start by clicking Support Progress.


Select a Believer to support.


Purchase their need, be it a product or service.

Impact the Life of a Believer Today

Support Progress. Give Now.

The needs of our community...

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