About the Murals

If you’ve found yourself in the Church Hill or Scott’s Addition communities here in Richmond, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen one, two, or all three of the our murals.

These art installations were created in November 2018 by more than 50 members of our community who were led by the incomparable Hamilton Glass, locally-based and nationally-known artist.

On these walls are anonymous stories of progress from members of the Richmond community – narratives of a time when their life was changed by the kindness of another willing to give a hand up. Each story was painted with love and with care by a volunteer muralist who had the rare opportunity of living with a stranger’s story for one hour, sometimes more, while they painted and reflected.

Each mural is a living manifestation, an immovable reminder, of the connection, compassion, and person-to-person support required to push us all closer toward collective thriving.

Want to visit the murals? Please do! Here are the locations and their addresses.

Perch Restaurant // 2918 West Broad St.

Soul n’ Vinegar // 2832 R. St.

The Blue Sky Fund // 2900 Q St.

A few folks painting stories of fulfilled needs on the Giving Wall mural at Perch
A giving wall logo sticker on a person's jacket at the Giving Wall mural at Perch
A few folks laughing while painting the Giving Wall mural at Perch
A person meditating on another's story of a need fulfilled
A giving wall mural featuring the message 'Hope'