About You

You’re here because you believe in human potential. And you believe that urgent needs—like a working car to drive to job interviews, work boots to take a promotion, unpaid bills that threaten eviction, equipment and clothing required for a new job—should not stand between a human or a family and a secure financial future.

Here at The Giving Wall we invite people that don’t look alike, live alike, or love alike, to break down the walls between people and progress.

You’re also here because it’s tough to find ways to support individual members of your community in desperate need. And you’re weary of the traditional holiday-centric giving of turkeys and toys.

You’re here because you’re incapable of doing nothing while there is much work to be done. You can’t ignore the call to help, and you won’t.

And you’re here because you believe stories will create a more compassionate community —stories of lives lived in poverty, in privilege, and in partnership, stories of progress toward potential, stories that build bonds by breaking narratives. You believe in a community where diversity of thought, action, income, race, and gender are invited to influence our collective progress as a city, as a people, as a planet.

We believe that too.

Becky Crump speaking at a Mindful Mornings event

Welcome to a community committed to tearing down the walls that divide us and block our shared potential—brick by brick by brick.

We’d love to get to know you better. We won’t clutter your inbox with emails (we know you already receive enough requests to sign petitions and donate to politicians). We will read what you share and use it to design better solutions for the challenges that confront your city and all who call it home.

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