About Us

The Giving Wall began in Richmond, Virginia, as a small website with a big dream:

Power collective progress and community thriving through a website where urgent financial needs of neighbors are posted and purchased.

For the past five+ years this dream has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in 1:1 donations from members of the community directed to people and families in financial need. Donations motivated by heartbreaking and heart-opening stories of lives lived in poverty and financial hardship.

By partnering with nonprofits and city agencies we ensure that neighbors on The Giving Wall are part of a system of care – where Advisors expert in holistic services guide extraordinary people and families on their hard-fought journey toward progress and peace.

By seeking financial support for these neighbors from Supporters in our community, we make certain that system of care is even more successful.

Many organizations are on a mission to support the financial progress of people in crisis.

Few are equipped to address the urgent needs that obstruct that progress.

At The Giving Wall we can.

Right-now needs
Right-now support
Right-now compassion

Members of the Giving Wall interviewing at an event
Part of a Giving Wall mural showing the words Love, Peace, and Kindness
Reggie Gordonn and Becky Crump

Our Partner Organizations

The organizations we work alongside.

City of Richmond's Office of Community Wealth Building

Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building

Logo for St. Joseph's Villa

St. Joseph’s Villa

Logo for Peter Paul Development Center

Peter Paul Development Center

Logo for Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor

Logo for CARITAS


Logo for HCPS

Henrico County Public Schools

Our Team

We’re a mix of volunteers, funders, artists, nonprofit veterans, advisors, lawyers, designers, activists, advocates, allies, supporters, and neighbors in need. Some of us are white, some are black, some are brown. Some of us grew up in poverty (although your bias would tell you otherwise if you met them), others of us grew up in the security of suburbia (and your bias would assume it rightly). Some of us are young, some of us are at a more mature stage in life, some of us are women, others men, and some feel their gender doesn't need to be defined. We’re our own diverse and compassionate community, and we’re here to help.

The Giving Wall Leadership Team

Becky Lakin

Becky Lakin

Founder and Director

Reggie Gordon

Reggie Gordon

Board Member + Founding Partner

Jason Ashlock

Jason Ashlock

Story + Learning Strategy

The Giving Wall Founding Advisors

Chaya Braxton

Chaya Braxton

Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building

Janette McGrady

Janette McGrady

Formerly with the Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building

Evette Roots

(retired) Evette Roots

Richmond Office of Community Wealth Building

The Giving Wall Company Partners

Simple Thread Logo

Simple Thread

Digital Product Design & Development

Who we work to support

We serve the Richmond region by connecting brave Neighbors in need to selfless Supporters through the grit and determination of Career Advisors who work for our partner organizations.

Neighbor in need The human who believes in the extraordinary combination of the kindness of others and their own hard work to move them through barriers that block financial progress.

Supporter The human who removes barriers that block the progress of our community members, through their contribution of compassion, time, and money on The Giving Wall.

Advisor The human who mentors and guides Neighbors in need on their journey from crisis to thriving, through a combination of life coaching, professional counsel, and connections to life-altering people and critical programs.

Part of a Giving Wall mural showing the word Hope
A group of our Givinng Wall advisors

Our work in the news

Here's what the press has to say about the good work of The Giving Wall, and all who meet here.